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According to my sources, the definition of the word “fun” is diversion, and mirthful sport. Good, I can live with that. It is also interesting to note that the etymology of the word is the Middle English “Fonnen,” which means to befool. To trick someone. That’s what a writer does. They trick us into listening to their tale as it is told. They make us give up something valuable. Money? Possibly. Time? Certainly. And if they do their job right, we give up our treasure willingly.

Why? Because the gift the writer offers is a kind of medicine. The gift takes us out of our place and puts us somewhere else, when we really need to be somewhere else. And we don’t even have to be ourselves when we get somewhere else. We may be someone else as well. How great is that? Just when being ourselves seems overwhelming, off we go. What we can’t do in our real life, the writer tells us we can do. They trick us, with words.

And far be it from us to resent being so befooled. We love fun, we readers; gallop full speed toward it. Imploring the writer to tell us another tale, we look at them as if they can perform magic. Change me again! Put me there, or there! Please . . . .