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As we’ve stated elsewhere, Corner Bar Magazine is the handsome stepchild of The Blotter Magazine, Inc. — a 501(c)(3) non-profit enterprise in Durham, NC. We, as you may already know or just cleverly deduced, also publish The Blotter, a monthly literary magazine with a print run of 7000 copies per issue. Herein lies much of our financial burden. We do take some advertising, however, it doesn’t, as Dad would say, feed the bulldog. Here’s where you can, if you think we’re worth it, help defray some of the costs of running a publishing house. We’d prefer to use what advertising space we do have for more stories, poetry, art, and essays. In other words, content is king! And we don’t want much — a little bit from a lot is our motto. Click the donate button below to go to our Patreon page, see what your pennies and dollars will do, and help out how you’re able. And thanks. Seriously, thanks for reading and supporting us.