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Speculative fiction — we like the way it rolls off your tongue when you say those two words. You’re going to tell us — by what you send and by what you tell us in your messages ( what you’re interested in. We’re all about “what if?” We don’t have all of the answers (to anything, much less what will be the content of this little enterprise) so we’ll see as we go, and so will you. Themes? Maybe. More dragons, fewer robot-pirates? Could be, don’t know, yet.

Here’s our plan in a nutshell. We’ll read all year ’round, and we’ll publish good stuff every six-seven weeks or so, on our brand-new web site in PDF format. Then, we plan to do an annual compilation (at the end of each publishing year) also in PDF format, with hopes to also do a print copy of the compilation each year. We’ll work hard on that part of it, you just keep writing, and reading.