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Now, what is our publishing schedule?

Well, we have this idea — it sounded like a good one at the time. Our thinking is as follows: once a week is nearly impossible, and (almost) no one wants a weekly speculative fiction magazine. Why not? Because it is just too much for a reader to digest, and it treats all of the contributions like swiftly rotting produce.

So how about monthly? Well, it’s still a lot of work for a rather short shelf life. We also don’t want to fail to deliver something good every month — something worth reading, and something worth contributing to.

Quarterly? Now we were leaning to the too-slow side of the equation. You might forget that we’re here. Also, the idea of dividing a year along quarterly lines (rather than seasons) well, that’s just irritating — it implies that we all think along business lines — financials, reports, dealing with executives. Or worse, that we’re all academics who have scheduled classes and students and want to pigeonhole them into rigid calendar behavior. Yuck. Seasons? Still four, still forgetting we’re here, still, still . . . we might be on to something.

All right, then. Seasons, only shorter. And more of them than in nature itself.

So, we found in our exhaustive research a somewhat different calendar. Pulled from the foggy gloom of history; an eight-section year, based on the feasts / sacrifices / observations of the pagan seasons. And other than the naming convention — we’re not pagans, not yet — it has the right frequency for the reader, the contributor, and us.

We think.